Levis boyfriend jeans

Sometimes, for you ladies, boyfriend fit jeans could be a source of a bigger problem of discomfort. The main culprit is none other than the jeans’ size that automatically is bigger than your own size. Come to think of it, perhaps that is exactly why the jeans are named so. If you look closely, the bigger size of the jeans may fit just fine in most men. And when you wear it, it is like borrowing your boyfriend’s jeans. Well, be whatever it may be, the jeans are well known for their bagginess, something you may not be overly fond of. But you love them anyway, don’t you?

The first thing you should check out when picking up boyfriend fit jeans is choose the right type of wash. You know, that sign of distress and fading away commonly appears in most denim-based clothing? Wide range of washed look is available, from the darker to the lighter tone. All is readily selectable according to your preferences. Length is also a matter of considerable importance. If you are uncomfortable with full length jeans, you can always roll up the hems to the point where you see fit. Around the calves would be great but try something really makes you enjoy wearing them.

Waistline is the next issue you need to compromise. You need to choose which style of waistline fits your taste very well. You can go for boyfriend fit jeans whose waistline is a bit high or low, for these have various effects on how you will eventually look. The last thing you need to carefully inspect is the size of bagginess. Not everyone loves the extra room on their jeans. Some prefer just enough space to give the impression of “bloating”. So, who says boyfriend jeans cannot work for you? Browse through my gallery after the jump.

zara-knitwear-light-fuchsia-sweaters and boyfriend jeans

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zara-boyfriend fit jeans

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boyfriend fit jeans outfit

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Levis boyfriend jeans

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