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Halloween is the night when you can experiment with costumes and makeup, and your experiment will not go to waste. It is the time when you can experiment and display creativity. This night you can let fantasy take shape of reality; you can portray any figure you want or any character you like to be with the right costume and the right make-up techniques.

During Halloween, the market is flooded with several different types of products and cosmetic that will help you achieve your desired look. You can opt for this Halloween makeup ideas which are; pancake makeup, cream based makeup, tubes, sticks, face paints, body liquids, adhesives and prosthetics. With the right combination of such products you can easily get into your desired character. The character you want to display definitely matters. The makeup application on a wicked witch display and a princess display will definitely be different.

If you want to apply face paints then you must make sure they are of premium quality. It is also important to use products that you have applied before as you don’t want to end up with skin irritating issues at such a time. If you are planning to go for a wicked, devilish, demonic look then there are particular shades that will help you achieve it. Darker shades like black, red, maroon etc. can be very handy for this look. You can purchase contact lenses, fangs and other prosthetics to give a scary look. Before you put on any eyeshade or other products, it is important to put on foundation or base. This gives your skin tone and even affects and helps the makeup stay longer.

Black eye kohl is definitely something you want to add if you are willing to carry this look. It certainly gives an overall dramatic look, which will make you stand right next to your character. You can apply a generous amount on the eyelids and right beneath the lower eyelid to get the desired look.

Corn syrup, flour, food coloring and water can help you make fake blood, which can also be used in this regard. You can also purchase fake long nails and paint them black or red to carry out a gothic look. Mascaras and eyeshades can be of major help. You can always go for smoky eyes effect as it goes with a lot of different looks and it is easier to put on. You can use metallic colored eyeshades and smudge it with your fingertips to give an awesome look. You can also use highlighter or glitters to accentuate your eyes. Darker shades of lipstick will be ideal to complete any devilish look. You can opt for maroon, red, dark purple, dark green etc.

The idea of this Halloween night is to have fun and experiment. You simply need to let your creativity flow and try different things which will make you stand out and yet make you look like the character you have chosen from the image collection. These tips will definitely be helpful to you and you would see the different makeup ideas from the Image collection and keep update with bmodish.com

Skull Queen Makeup

skull queen halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Sugar Skull in Mehendi Style Halloween Makeup

sugar skull in mehendi style halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Scary Clown Makeup Halloween

Scary Clown halloween makeup bmodishSource

Harley Queen Makeup

Harley queen halloween makeup bmodishSource

Studded Skull Halloween Makeup Look

studded skull face halloween makeup bmodishSource

Golden Skull Makeup Look

golden skull halloween makeup tutorial bmodishSource

Cracked Face Makeup

cracked face halloween makeup bmodishSource

Beauty and The Beast Makeup

beauty and the beast halloween makeup bmodishSource

Two Faces Halloween Makeup

crap face halloween makeup ideas bmodishSource

White Sugar Skull Makeup

white skull face halloween makeup bmodishSource

Joker Halloween Makeup Idea

joker makeup for halloween bmodishSource

Shifted Face Makeup Look

shifted face halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Freaky Clown Makeup

freaky clown halloween makeup bmodishSource

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Makeup

Little Red Riding Hood halloween makeup bmodishSource

Melting Skull Halloween Makeup

melting skull halloween makeup bmodishSource

Blooded Skull Makeup

blooded skull halloween makeup bmodishSource

Halloween Makeup Art Look

halloween makeup art idea bmodishSource

Gangsta Clown Makeup

gangsta clown halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Butterfly Skull Makeup

butterfly skull halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Split Skull Face Make Up

split skull face halloween makeup bmodishSource

Missing Eye Halloween Makeup

missing eye halloween makeup tutorial bmodishSource

Spider Eye Halloween Makeup

spider eye halloween makeup idea bmodishSource

Open Neck Bones Halloween Makeup

blooded neck bones halloween makeup bmodishSource

Twisted Nurse Makeup Look

twisted nurse halloween makeup bmodishSource