long fall wavy hair

Fall hair color and fall hairstyles are colorful in beautiful autumn colors. There are several cute cuts trending and wonderful fall weaves hairstyles that look magnificent!

If you’re going for a color weave, test it out before you commit. A great fall weave style is a copper bob as copper looks so great with so many different skin tones.

Dark and Lovely Curly Weaves are simply stunning and gorgeous. To get the Dark and Lovely Curls:

  1. Part hair however you want it.
  2. Section bangs in shape of a triangle. Curl bangs using 1inch gold barrel iron.
  3. Curl the rest of the hair into ringlets
  4. Use fingers and comb through hair for a fuller effect- and Voila!

Some Fall Weave Hairstyles To Try

Peak-a-Boo colored highlights are fun and sexy. Add a hot pink or maybe a royal blue highlight to your wave, and give them something to talk about!

The Ombre look doesn’t require you to bleach the bottoms of your hair anymore- the weave will do it all. Part your hair and let the copper ends spread out with lots of volume. It’s the perfect weave for Fall!

The Asymmetrical Bob never gets old! It’s a classic, beautiful, sharp look and if you want it- by all means go for it- it’s bound to look fabulous!

The Rapunzel weave is for girls who like to look super effeminate and classy, and it’s a beautiful weave for those who desire the flexibility of having long hair. This beautiful look can be attained and kept through the winter with a little help from leave in conditioners to keep your hair and weave healthy.

The Short and Sweet Weave is one of the hottest new trends. Keeping the hair short and having the ability to do whatever you’d like with a flat iron on one side or another is fun, easy, and gives the person lots of options!

Whatever Fall or Winter weave you are looking to sport, know that you will choose something fresh and fabulous! Wear it well!

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