pink tunic with legging outfit
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Discover trends, outfits, styles and looks for spring outfits at polyvore. There are several spring polyvore outfit ideas you can copy. Check out some of these fabulous ideas that are much to tempting for your to pass!

Cardigans with shorts will be hot this spring. Button up round necked cardigans of various colours and designs teamed with some khaki short shorts, accessorized with some wrist bangles and some fantastic earrings, and the cutest pair of sandals will be a rocking outfit that looks thrown together, but perfect- like you!

Short shorts with flowered tanks, with matching earrings containing some sort of gold, and some gold bangles will be key. Outfits will be smart, shorts will be IN, and you will be looking extremely sexy with various types of this ensemble.

Rolled denim short shorts or rolled khakis are going to be the go-to bottoms during this upcoming warm season, and throwing thick wedges with ankle straps and a tank top with a half head band is a great way to flaunt this look and show off your legs. For accessories you might want to try something unusual from Monkey Shirley’s- where you can get upcycled unusual jewelry made from discarded odd things. These pieces show a real sense of adventure, and help you stand out as someone who’s not afraid to dare to be different!

Short skirts will also be very popular, and short dresses. Get the perfect beige short dress with long sleeves, get a great black clutch bag and black bangles- and be sure to put your feet in black heels of any kind- and you’ve got yourself a killer, sassy, smart look! Make it you, make it your own, and be unforgettable this spring! Check also another polyvore spring outfit combination

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