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Pointy nail designs are better known at the salons as “Stiletto nails”, perhaps the title explains why they have grown into such a popular fashion trend. Like the pointy stiletto high heels, stiletto nails symbolize a fashion statement of power blended with femininity. Below we will discuss the best ways you can wear pointy nails.

5 Different Ways Pointy Nail Designs

Nude Pointy Nails

These sharp nail designs are a bit loud because the shape is very bold. By making the nail color a flattering nude shade, you can wear the extravagant tips without compromising your overall look. Nude polish goes with everything and there are nude shades to compliment every skin tone.

Studs and Sparkles Pointy Nail Art

Studs and sharp edges go good together, right? It’s no wonder that many of the most popular pointy nail designs include flashy, fearless details such as studs, neon colors and glitter. Many salons offer 3D accessories like Swarovski crystal bows or flowers for an even more striking look.

Short and Sweet Stiletto Nail Designs

We know what you’re thinking, how do people function with these sharp claws? Well, the good news is, short stiletto designs have become just as popular as the longer nails, for that exact reason. Keeping the nails very short allows you to be practical without sacrificing style.

Fun and Festive Pointy Nails

Holidays are a great time to rock a pointy manicure, because you can be as fun and festive as you would like without worrying about the shape of your nails. These designs often give more surface area for a manicurist to work. A few popular holiday designs include patterns such as a sweater print, iconic details like a jack-o-lantern face, or even full murals which means when you hold your nails together they spell a word or display scenery.

Reverse French Tip Pointy Nail Design

The elongated feminine look sharp nail designs give to the hands, makes it the perfect candidate for a reverse French tip. This design means a certain color, usually white, is placed at the cuticle while the remaining length of the nail is a different tone, it’s beautiful and classic.

With the advice, above, and the pictures below, you are sure to find a suitable pointy nail look you absolutely love.

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studded pointy nails bmodishSource

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