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Donna Karan Spring 2014 collections are showing clothes that are light but stylish and sexy. She uses mostly sarong style for the skirts and light, airy tops to look chic and modern, and yet still feminine in natural sense. Some of the styles go back to the chic boho model, while some refer to the unique hippie look.

Dresses are designed to be airy and soft. They are mostly loose, but not overly baggy, so there is this feminine curves and designs that fall into the right place. There is also slits around the legs, so you can walk easily and show off your perfect legs. The colors are mostly comforting and strong. Navy light blue, earthy brown, soft and warm orange are quite dominant in this collection. The dress also comes in different neck lines. Some come in halter model, while some are coming in drapery V neck style. some come in tube model, while some are coming in kimono style.

Accessories are included within the styles as they are important to enhance the personality of each dress or clothes, but they aren’t much used so the overall look won’t be too much. For instance, to create this boho chic style, the drapery V-neck sleeveless dress is paired up with orange-brown leather jacket. To create carefree effect, a cowboy hat is worn. It is stylishly gorgeous and free. it is simple and yet highly classy.

Such styles can be used for casual pr formal events. Take an example of white high collar shirt that is paired up with brown-orange sarong. A brown belt is used for accents, along with sandal-like shoes. The overall effect is laid back and ethnic, and yet highly elegant and classy. Ethnic bangles are additional options that will look great with this. Everything is classy and simply elegant with ethnic mixture.

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