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Hey Ladies, how about indulging in DIY high heels? As the summer bids adieu, you will soon be looking at those flip flops wistfully as you put them away in your wardrobe till the next time the sun comes out strong and hot. Summers seem to go away too soon but autumn does not need to be all drab and boring. Even if you have to cover up your feet, you can still do it in style. As you take out your boring, patent black or mono colored pumps, here are some great ideas for DIY high heels.

Splash some glitter on. That is a great new look to have and a simple one to make it as well. Any boring, plain colored pump can be made dazzling with a hint of glitter on the heels and the bottom part that remains exposed. You could splash some glitter on the front lower end as well for the pumps.

The next idea is going glittery or bling all over. You could convert any boring high heel into a party sandal by adding glitter all over as well as bling. If you have those DIY jewelry kits lying around, you will find enough materials to cover up your heels. Remember to splash on glue all over before you start. Lay them up heavy so that the end effect is uniform and no space stands out empty.

How about a contrast color on your pumps? Add a strip of a vivid yellow or neon green to the pointed tip or the heel portion of black pumps. That will add a dash of color as well as a load of personality to your high heels.

The ideas get endless once you get started. Try on polka dots, zebra stripes or even fabric pieces on your favorite high heels. Check out our pick below and your DIY high heels will soon be ready for your new wardrobe.

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