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Who is to say that lace dress is dead? Classy lace dress arrangement is always in trend and you can even gain advantages from mix-and-matching a lace dress with other perfect elements. Debenhams’ Cream Cassandra dress is composed of bronze-embroidered bodice and a pleated skirt in pinkish hue, made of chiffon fabric. The embroidery gives off impression of elegance and the glittery lace accentuation it features will improve the classiness of appearance for you to obtain.

Combining it with a pair of laced white high heels, classiness is more than just a concept as you will be a walking manifestation of the term. Not to mention if you add a tote bag with metal detailing by Mango. The basic principle in getting classy look is to employ simple accessories to complement the seemingly over-elegant ensembles you wear—much like Dorothy Perkins’ stacked plastic bangle.

The bangle uses monochromatic color scheme to improve the simplistic tone you exude. A pair of Isharya’s hoop earrings with filigree detail and made of 18K gold is what you need the last for completion.

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classy outfits

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