Donna Karan pre fall 2013

The women’s fashion designer, Donna Karan put her ideas of power, strength, and women into her latest fall collection. This fall, she integrates structure, languidness, and a stroke of raw texture. Her visualization is one of a metropolitan warrior, with special accent on warrior. She tried to blend luxury, simplicity, and modernity as well. The new collection is influenced very much with her late husband’s sculptures. She incorporated black colors followed by shadows of pebble and granite and earthy browns. These tones really make this fall different.

As mentioned previously, her design is intended to highlight the women’s power. One of the ways to do that is through menswear. She designs a deep-V red blazer paired with straight pants. The sense of masculine seduction is inserted in this design. But this is only one of the collections that will take hold this season. There are still many designs available that highlight the feminine side of a woman. For you who want to look feminine, you can try Karan’s design of gray strapless dress with sequins embroidery on the sheer side.  Another appealing dress designed by Karan is the stretch jersey dress having curly searing cape and sweaters. The shawl details and dramatic cape are the impressive focus of the dress. The dress is designed in a combination of cashmere, fur, and neoprene.

Another unique design is a combination of knee-length skirt and a belted peplum jackets. This outfit really accentuates the feminine and sensual side of a woman. Karan uses two keywords in designing this collection, round and fluid. The round design is shown from the coats and shrugs that form a shape if cocoon. Meanwhile, the fluid design is noticeable from the evening dresses that drapes down.

Donna Karan pre fall 2013

Donna Karan collection

Pre Fall 2013 Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Donna Karan Pre fall collection 2013

Donna Karan collection

DKPreFall 2013

donna karan pre fall collection

Donna Karan pre fall 2013

Donna Karan collection

Donna Karan collection 2013





Donna Karan pre fall 2013image

In designing the collection, Karan does not use any fur because this fabric is too heavy. Instead, she combines laser-trim leather and chiffon and flattened wax velvet as the substitution of fur. Unlike fur which is too heavy, the two substations are lightweight thus comfortable to be worn the year around. According to Karan, the choice of fabrics does matter. In this fall collection, Karan tries to make every people comfortable in a way the fabrics stretch with the body and the wearer can move comfortably wearing the clothes.

This American fashion designer always designs something that reflects herself. When it comes into work design, she almost never thinks about anybody else but herself. She designs what she wants not what people want. In other words she is expressing who she is through her design. It can also be seen from the pre-fall 2013 newest collection. Fall is identical with gold tones. But Karan is more interested with her own taste. She said that right now she loves black color so she designs clothes in black not gold. If you are interested with her collection, you can visit where you can see all of her collections in details. Wearing her collection you can express yourself in the modern design with casual luxury.


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