woven braid for short hair
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Spring and summer are quickly approaching. As we buy some cute new dresses and some colourful spring clothing, we also have to keep new sassy hairstyles in mind. Celebrities and high fashion magazines are already showing models wearing the cutest braided hair styles for short hair. Believe it or not, there are many easy and cute braids for short hair!

If your hair is too short to pull back, you might want to try the elegant halo braid. Simply braid your hair away from your face and over your ears, and then give it a bit of the tousled look. The halo braid is the epitome of class and style.

If your hair is shoulder length, you might want to try and messy side braid and wrap it around to a small pony tail. This is the perfect ‘I am so beautiful that I don’t even have to try’ look, and it’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face and looking stylish.

Again, shoulder length hair can be braided into an updo in the back, which looks like a little braided basket. It’s elegant, and it can be worn with casual jeans, or a beautiful spring or summer dress.

The short pigtail braid is brave, vibrant, sassy and sexy! If you feel you can pull it off- go for it! Dare to be daring and absolutely rock the utmost cutest braid for short hair!

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There are several ways to braid even the shortest of hair. Corn row braids are not just for ethic women. You can braid your hair in corn rows just on the top- there are so many ways to get creative and look great, classy, and cute as can be. Don’t be afraid to try something different- and get ready to start counting complements!

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