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With the cooler months in mind, long cardigan outfits are back on the style scene and better than ever. Long cardigans allow for the perfect amount of comfort and coverage without sacrificing style, which means there are long cardigans outfits that work for every size and shape women come in. Below are the best pieces to add to your cardigan wardrobe.

With the popularity of cardigans, they are now available in many more varieties. If you know you will be draping one over yourself for most of the fall and winter, consider these options to make sure it doesn’t look like you’re wearing your coat every day.

Sleeveless Cardigan

Sleeveless cardigans are the perfect transitional piece for the days it’s not too chilly out, you can wear it with a long tank top or short sleeve shirt. For colder nights layer a long-sleeved shirt under the cardigan. Sleeveless outfit inspiration: Black knee high boots, solid black leggings, a black and white horizontal thin-striped long sleeve shirt, a long black sleeveless cardigan. This outfit adds the perfect amount of contrast to an otherwise solid black look.

Patterns and Prints Cardigan

Patterns and prints add pop to any outfit. Long cardigans come in virtually every color combination and design you can think of. Taking a multicolored pattern and accessorizing yourself with one of the colors will make your look stand out. Patterned long cardigan outfit inspiration: Long red and black plaid cardigan, plain white T-shirt, dark distressed Denim skinny jeans, black ankle boots, red lips, rednails and black shoulder bag.

Long Cardigan

Dressy outfits are easy to achieve with long cardigans. Solid colors allow a versatile look that can go from casual to dressy with just the switch of a few accessories. Many professionals complain about the temperature in office buildings, with a long layering piece you can look polished while staying warm. Dressy Outfit Inspiration: A fitted below the knee black dress, long maroon cardigan, maroon pointy-toe flats, and an optional black belt cinched at the waist.

An investment in your long cardigan collection can last you through many seasons and style trends. Accessories such as scarves and belts can giveeach cardigan an entirely new flair. Below are some looks you can start modeling right now.

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