Everybody is set a-twitter about how to choose a wedding dress, a wedding ring, or what kind of hairdo does the job, but only a little pays attention to wedding shoes. Trapped in the same loop? Go forΒ emmy london bridal shoes. With designs so luxurious and a service to allow customers order a pair of bespoke wedding shoes, Emmy London sure is a go-to label for those wondering where to get the last piece of the wedding puzzle.

You can browse for the available collections at the company’s official website in from the comfort of your couch. TheΒ emmy london bridal shoesΒ are codenamed ever so cutely to ease the visitors in choosing the one item they covet. Take a look at β€œFrancesca”, the shoes that are also one of the company’s flagships.

Embroidered with mother of pearls as well as some crystals, the shoes are made of blush leather that not only is soft on the skin but also easy on the eyes. And, what do you know, the shoes are also graced with gold trimmings, making them even more elegant and perfect for your important moment of life.








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