cute christmas nail design ideas

Hello Ladies… Christmas is awaiting to come, have you prepared all of the outfits for it? Besides apparels, you also must be ready with the other things to support your outfit, including your nail look. Get your favorite design of the Christmas nail art, and apply them on your nails. There are many attractive designs of Christmas figures and symbols that can be applied as the design of nail art. The designs are dominated with some color tones that are closely related to Christmas, such as red, green, blue, white, and silver.

Christmas Nail Art DesignsΒ 

You can get your favorite Christmas symbols on your nails. Below are some ideas on Christmas nail artdesigns:

  • The Green Christmas Tree. This is very easy to create. You can get the Christmas green polish as the base on your nails, and paint a simple Christmas tree on it in red polish, framed with the white polish. Add some abstract lines for additional decorations.
  • Rudolph the Reindeer. You can easily get this symbol in white base and light brown for the face. Don’t forget to get the sparkling red nose.
  • The Cute Santa. This symbol is quite simple, by getting 2 main colors; red and white. You can combine Santa and Rudolph on your nails as one theme nail art.
  • Snowman. No one cannot draw a snowman. Therefore, this is a very good start for you have just tried Christmas nail art. Simply get blue polish as the base with some snowflakes falling, and draw a snowman in your best version.
  • Sparkling Red. For you who do not really fond of cartoon figures on your nails, you can get glittering red polish on your nails, and add some sparkling dots using white or silver polish.

Easy, isn’t it? So, check these pictures of Christmas nail art, and get even more inspired!

christmas time nail design bmodishImage

cute christmas nailart bmodishImage

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santa clause nailart bmodishImage

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