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For women who have a very short haircut, a pixie hairstyle can be the best idea for a stylish look. It is suitable for women with an oval face shape. This hairstyle has several types to choose from. It breaks people’s opinion that there is nothing can do for short haircut. Instead, a short hair cut can be styled in various ways just like if you have long hair. Sometimes, pixie haircut is combined with spiky haircut to produce a chic look. This funky haircut has been popularized by some word-class celebrities as described below.

Ginnifer GoodwinΒ 

Many people crush on Ginnifer Goodwin hairstyle. She always have short hair cut. Since 2011 until now, she has tried some pixie haircut such as the one with bangs, spiky, sculptural, slightly punchy, and the like. The most stylish hair she has ever had is pixie hair with a side bang. The bang covers half of her forehead. The bang, therefore, can balance the very short haircut at the back. The back of the hair looks messy. In this look, she looks very pretty.

ginnifer goodwin pixie cut

Anne Hathaway

Unlike Ginnifer Goodwin who favor haircut, Anne Hathaway used to have long hair. She has hair cut in pixie hairstyle because she wants a new style. Although her hair is extremely short, she Anne knows how to add softness to her hair. She leaves some fringe with extra length here and there to fit with her facial features. With such personalized hairstyle, she looks feminine and sexy as well.

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Emma WatsonΒ 

After she finished starring Harry Potter the movies, Emma changer her hairstyle in a dramatic short cut. Emma said that actually she has wanted to change her haircut sine a long time. Now, as she didn’t play in any movie that forbids her to have a short haircut, she goes for pixie haircut. She is very confident to have her hair cut because she often had problems with her long hair. With pixie style she find it easy and quick to manage his hair. This new look make her look sexy, fresh, and different from her movie character.

emma watson pixie cut bmodish.com


Another celebrity with a stylish pixie hair that often becomes an icon of fashion is Rihanna. A singer of β€œUmbrella” has an edgy cropped cut which make her hairstyle look glamorous. Some accents are created by letting the front hair long with natural texture on the side parts. Sometimes, the top pieces are smoothened using a flatΒ iron but other parts of hair lets fall naturally. Her haircut is intended to create a modern and fresh look. Sometimes she adds coloe to the top pieces.

rihanna crop pixie cut bmodish.com

Michelle Williams

Michelle tries to incorporate a pixie cut and new hair color which results in perfection. Michelle knows how to match the haircut with her face features. The new color is aimed at giving an special look of the short cut. She also try to a litle bit spike up her front hair to accentuate her long neck.

michelle williams pixie cut bmodish.com

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