Hello, fashionistas! If you want to add another ensemble to your collections, the one that will be useful for you in a way that not many other clothing elements can do,ย skortsย would be it. Those unfamiliar with this fashion piece might find it a bit awkward to wear but over time, it will grow on you. The term skort can be thought to have been the portmanteau of two words, skirt and short. This holds truth in it because it is exactly what it sounds: an amalgamation of a skirt and shorts. This is perhaps the source of the awkwardness you feel because maybe in your mind you secretly think that those two should never get along very well. But they do anyway.

The fascinating thing aboutย skortsย is that its unique shape bears the true potential to make you look astonishingly different. You can wear it for any occasion so long as it is not formal in nature. With the right shape, material, and color, a skort can be worn to an exercise session in the afternoon. A black skort can be worn to a nightly outing like going out to a club with friends and all.

But if you still need more reasons to pick and buyย skorts, I have one that will possibly turn your head. A skort is a literal interpretation of casual meets feminine. If for all this time you should go one way or another, never both at the same time, with a skort you can put a twist to your style. You can feel as casual as you can ever get wearing it, without losing the opportunity to look feminine at the same time. Skim through the collections I have in my website and find the one skort that steals your heart away.

black blouse and grey skirtImage

Catherine Wright on denim and white skirtImage

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