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Dear Fashionista, choosing aย camisole topย as part of your ensemble is a smart move. You might have tried out everything but when the options are running out, you may want to turn to this piece for a solution. Sure, we all know how you may feel about a camisole; itโ€™s sooo last decade, so out of date, and everything else. You probably avoid choosing it just because itโ€™s too ordinary a cloth. But believe me when I say, you can benefit from it if only you knew how to work around the ordinariness of the thing.

For example, wear a black leather jacket on top of a whiteย camisole topย and put on a red form-fitting legging and you end up looking hot like wow. This particular matching is appropriate for nightly outing with friends in the club or the mall. You can see how hotness exudes from all over you and everybody canโ€™t stand being near you without getting jealous at how you look.

Planning on going to the beach but donโ€™t know what to wear? Pair a camisole with denim shorts, grab a sneaker, put on your nicest shade, and off you go strolling down the sandy beach. For more and more aboutย camisole top, check it out here.

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ย bardot camisole top bmodishImage

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