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Cold days are approaching and it’s time to prepare your cozy, but fashionable wardrobe and there is nothing that meets this challenge like your favorite worm sweater. Latest hit on Instagram that will complete your look for this season is cable knit sweater nail art. You wonder whats is this and how it’s made? These adorable nails (check out photos) mimic sweater texture and will go perfectly with any outfit. You can go to your favorite nail salon for these fashion crazes or you can do it yourself. They are easy to make.


Tutorial How to Make Sweater Nail Art

Think about what kind of nails you want, choose color and design. You won’t be needing many things to make these cute nails, most of it you probably already have at home. Things you will need: UV lamp, gel base, gel polish (color of your choice), peace of paper, 3D gel and one thick brush to draw patterns. Here are some steps on how to make perfect holiday sweater nails:

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Step 1. First you will apply gel polish base, and keep it under the UV light for 30 seconds.

Step 2. After you chose your nail color, apply it and keep it under the UV lamp for one minute. You can color every nail differently, or you can color just one in different color or simply color all of your nails in same color.

Step 3. Repeat step two. It looks much more appealing if your nail color is intense, this is why you need one more layer of nail polish.

Step 4. Use peace of paper to mix amount of polish that you will use to create cable knit sweater nail art. Take the same amount of 3D gel and gel polish you used to color your nails and mix them together. If you used multiple colors for your nails, than make multiple mixtures.

Step 5. Draw cable knit pattern with brush. Dip your brush in the mixture, be careful to pick small amount of color and than carefully draw some of the designs you can see in pictures. Go over your nails easily with the brush, barely touching them. Lighter you touch them, thinner your pattern will be. After you finish with drawing your preferred pattern, put your nails in 3D lamp for another minute or two and you’re done! Afterwards you can apply layer of protective gel and dry them under 3D light for another minute if you want, this is optional.

Now enjoy your perfect new nails! If you need more ideas about what kind of color and design you will use, here are our best collection for you!

Cute pink and blue pastel sweater nail art bmodishImage source

soft brown and cream sweater nails bmodishImage source

cute pastel blue and white sweater nails bmodishImage source
embellished cable knit sweater nails bmodish

Image source

pastel knit nails bmodishImage source

grey knit nail design bmodishImage source

pastel knit nail art bmodishImage source

brown sweater nail art bmodishImage source

light grey sweater knit nails bmodishImage source

cute pink polka dot knit nail bmodishImage source

white and burgundy knit nail bmodishImage source

pink and light grey knit nail bmodishImage source

light brown with white knit sweater nail bmodishImage source

red and navy knit sweater nail bmodishImage source

pastel sweater nail bmodishImage source

simple cute sweater nail art bmodishImage source

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