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The best friend heart necklace is actually a type of fashion accessory that has existed long time ago. It is in the form of a heart (generally) that is broken into two, where each one will be worn by you and your best buddy. Although the common and general shape is a heart, it is also possible to use other shapes. When using other shapes, the necklace will still be divided into two so each part can be worn by you and another person.

Why is this kind of necklace so popular, anyway? Well, for a starter, it is kind of cute and adorable. Best friends are those who understand your condition completely and accept you the way you are. The bond of the relationship can’t be described by words, and the closest thing you can get from having this kind of relationship described in words, is through the necklace. For some people it is cute and sweet, although some people may think it is cheesy and lousy. But different people have their own opinions, and having such necklace can really help in terms of boosting your appearance and also your mood.

This kind of necklace can be purchased easily as the design is usually simple. There are words ‘best friend’ on each part. But you can have custom made if you want to have different models with different designs. The words on the necklace can also be customized into other words or sayings. In some custom models, you can even divide the necklace into three or four parts – depending on how many best friends you have. Of course the shape won’t be heart, but it is possible to have it.

Keep in mind that having such custom work requires you to spend more, so consider this factor. Moreover, you also need to talk to your friend whether she wants to wear the same accessory or not.

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