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white skull face halloween makeup bmodish

Freaky Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

Halloween is the night when you can experiment with costumes and makeup, and your experiment will not go to waste. It is the time when you can experiment and display creativity. This night you...
elegant black gold nails bmodish

Glamorous Black and Gold Nail Designs

Women's nails have dependably been a critical measurement of excellence and charm. There are various patterns for you to create on your nails which range from elegant French nails to glittering bracelet nails. This...

How To Use Lip Liner As Lipstick

Once in a while, every girl has to face the situation where she is running late for a party and decides to put on her lipstick on her way to the event. Putting on...
super cute back to school nail art design bmodish

37 Super Cute Back To School Nail Art Designs

Fabulous nails are a necessity when returning to class this fall. Instead of the same manicure and polish, try some clever back to school nail art designs that will give you an A+ in...
royal blue nail with diamond accent bmodish

Experience the Glamorous Style of Royal Blue Nail Designs

Fashion is an ever-changing affair. The classics get revamped to create something really unique and new fads popup overnight and take the style world by storm. Pinks and reds are traditionally associated with women. However,...
bowknot manicure bmodish

50 Cute Bow Nail Art Designs

One of the hottest nail art styles is in painting a bow on your nails. Girls love those designs which include a bow in them, whether it is in a hello kitty nail art...