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easter chevron nails bmodish

30 Cute and Edgy Chevron Nail Arts

You know, chevron nail arts is a nice solution if you want to crank up your appearance in an instant. It’s edgy, it’s playful, it’s girly; It’s everything a girl can hope from a...
yellow vintage summer nail art bmodish

20 Pretty and Fun Summer Nail Arts

Summer nail artΒ is there to fill the blank slate left on our arms. Accessories like bracelets or rings can also take on the similar role but their unmalleability makes them somewhat monotonous and less...
blush pink and gold nail art bmodish

30 Kawaii Japanese Nail Art Collection

After skimming in vain through more and more pages of a website in the hope of finding one suitable nail art that can fully convey your preference, maybe it’s time for you to turn...
pink mint nautical nails bmodish

Attractive Design of Nautical Nail Art

Nautical nail art isn’t only attractive, but also unique in design. If you like looking different and edgy, you can be sure that such nail art can be the perfect option to complete your...
neon spring nail design bmodish

25 Cute Eye Catching Neon Nail Arts

Neon nail art will definitely make your appearance look different, unique, and edgy. The main different factor of such nail art with the others is the fact that bold and bright colors are used....
lemons nail art bmodish

23 Sweet and Fresh Fruit Nail Arts

When you want to look different and adorable, having fruit nail art can really improve your look. You may not know this, but fruit nail subject has been quite popular over the years because...