white snowflake nail art bmodish

Ladies, bring the spirit of Christmas and winter with the snowflake nail art. Nail art has been quite a fashion lately. There are many kinds of designs created conveying various themes, and snowflake is one of the best themes to be selected for Christmas and winter, besides some other fancy themes, such as Christmas tree, Santa, mistletoe, and some other Christmas nuances.

Painting snowflake seems to be a big work to do. The complicated details may make you change your mind and prefer to have the other designs. Well, you should know that the beautiful snowflake image is not as complicated as it looks.

Steps to Create Snowflake Nail Art

Anyone can make snowflake nail art. It does not always need a professional artist to do. Some simple steps can turn your nails into beautifully decorated, even if you are not good in painting. All you have to do is preparing some small tools, such as a striper brush, a dotting tool, base coat, topcoat, white polish, and glittering Christmas green or red polish. Here are the steps.

Preparing the base polish for your nails

If you already apply polish on your nails, you can skip this step. Apply base coat before you add the main polish on your nails. Christmas green or red will be a very good option for the Christmas moment. However, if you want to try something different, you may choose frozen blue, grey, black, dark turquoise, or even pink. The base polish can be applied all over the nails or only on the top part of the nails.

Let’s begin with the main step in creating the snowflake nail art. You can do the following steps:

  • You need to make a large X on your nails using the striper brush and white polish
  • Then make some lines across the space between the X you have made before
  • Then, add dots to the end of each line still in white polish.
  • After that, draw arms that are facing upward to all of the lines you draw
  • Having done this, let’s go back to the center of the snowflake to give little Whisps in each space between the lines.
  • Finalize it using top coat

Check these nail art pictures and get your own inspiration!

classy red snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

christmas snowflakes nails bmodishImage

glitter snowflakes nails bmodishImage

gold snowflake nail art bmodishImage

gradient snowflakes winter nail art bmodishImage

white snowflake nail art bmodishImage

winter snowflakes nail art 2 bmodishImage

winter snowflakes nail art bmodishImage


hand painted snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

golden snowflakes nail design bmodishImage

blue snowflakes nail art bmodishImage

soft blue and glitter snowflakes nails bmodishImage

black matte snowflake nailart bmodishImage

stamping snowflakes nails bmodishImage

snow crystal nails bmodishImage

snowflakes and campagne glitter bmodishImage

glitter blue snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

glitter green snowflakes nails bmodishImage

soft white snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

xmas_snowflakes nails1 bmodishImage

golden hot red snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

cute snowflakes nail design bmodishImage

winter snowflake nails bmodishImage

rainbow gradient snowflakes nailart bmodishImage


white snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

purple snowflakes nails bmodishImage

black snowflake nails bmodishImage

pink black snowflakes nailart bmodishImage

snowflake mani bmodishImage

winter snowflake christmas nailart bmodishImage

beautiful snowflake nails bmodishImage