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Back to school can be a hellish experience for some people. The need to give a great first impression can be a very burdening thing. Don’t be worried! Here are some great and stylish back to school hairstyles for long hair you may want to give it a try.

Long fishtail is quite a popular hair style. Its simplicity, and elegancy, is two good reasons why this style deserves to get more attention. You can pull your locks into a good braid, and leave some of wisps hanging. It will give a romantic vibe on your look. Do not be afraid if you want to make it perfect too! The more tousled you have, the better and merrier it looked.

Another style people like is braided updo hairstyle. You are quite familiar with the moment where Selena Gomez managed to dig the braided version of this style. Yes! That was the exact moment when this thing started to be popular. To do this look is quite simple too! You just need to do a regular French braid, but make sure to cross the section on the side under the section on the middle (instead of over it like the conventional braided). If it is required, you can also use the helps from hairspray.

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