pink mint nautical nails bmodish

Nautical nail art isn’t only attractive, but also unique in design. If you like looking different and edgy, you can be sure that such nail art can be the perfect option to complete your overall appearance. You’ll be surprised of how much such kind of nail art can really boost your mood and improve your look.

You may see some of these designs and options when it comes to nautical nail art:

  • The attractive stripes designs with red and blue options combined with the white. You may see the red and white stripes or the navy blue and white stripes.
  • In some designs, you may see the stripes model on the nails, but with one particular nail being covered in anchor subject.

Having this kind of nail art is basically pretty easy. You only need to have two tones nail polish options, and you are good to go. You can have blue and white polish, for instance, and then one nail is being covered totally in blue with anchor subject being drawn on top of the blue background.

If you are still clueless, here are lots of images examples for guidance.Take a look of those pictures and have fun!

Maritim_2 bmodish


marine nail art bmodishImage

Sailor_nails1 bmodishImage

pp_totes_sailor_2 bmodishImage

Nautical-Stripes-_nail-art bmodish


naughty nautical nail art bmodishImage

pretty nautical nails bmodishImage

nautical bmodishImage

pretty nautical stripe nail art bmodishImage

pink mint nautical nails bmodishImage

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nautical design nail bmodishImage

sailor nautical nails bmodishImage

glitter and gold nautical nail design bmodishImage

Nautical_sailor_anchor_nails (1) bmodishImage

ahoy nautical nail design bmodishImage

navy nautical nail design bmodishImage


nautical sailor nail design bmodishImage

cute nautical nail design nail art bmodishImage

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cute glitter nautical nail design bmodishImage

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