summer outfits

Ah, the summer breeze. You can smell the sunshine on a beach and ice creams and the touch of your skin over the sand and the—oh, before we continue on, have you an outfit appropriate for the season to come? No? Okay, let’s start with Mary Portas’ shirt. It loosely fits your figure so as to allow more breathability under the strike of sunlight. Collared neck and long-sleeved, the shirt employs buttons as its fastener.

Add to that a Century Denim from Free People and you can’t be more casual than that. The destroyed look the jean features is priceless. As you are going to walk on a sandy surface, wearing heeled shoes isn’t much of a smart move, for sure. So, go for a pair of ballet-style flat shoes with feline prints on each. Get a set of silver bangles from Bauble Bar and couple it with a pair of oversized heart earrings. And guess what, the earrings simply looks a lot like the ones Paris Hilton wears so they must add something into your overall appearance anyway.

And lastly, you’re gonna need to bring along all your belongings, too, to accompany your day-out. So, what else as useful and trendy as a Kate Spade’s handbag?

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summer outfits


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