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Flirting with the idea of incorporating tangerine to your outfits is fun—and by “tangerine”, it refers to the color, not the fruit. It all must begin with a shirt from Splendid with round neck—and it should be white or else if you choose to pick the orange one, you will end up looking exactly like a walking tangerine. So the whiteness helps you somewhat neutralize the nauseatingly tangerine look you may appear like.

Moving on, now take a maxi skirt from Ella Moss. So where’s the tangerine part of the skirt? It’s in the motif that takes the shape of reddish-orange continuous lines of chevrons, while the base color is white. For casual tone, throw in a pair of Ugg’s wedges with raffia-look heels and soles. The ankle straps the wedges utilize will keep you looking casual over the feminine skirt you wear. To intensify the outfit theme, grab an oversized, double handles book-bag, which is of course tangerine in color.

Put on a necklace from Nouv-Elle that features an oversized bead as its pendant and several smaller convex-shaped beads on its cord. Add hoop earrings from Dorus Mohr which features three beads of black silk. Fortunately, those last two accessories are not orange-colored because you have been tangerine enough with the skirt and the bag.

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summer outfits

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