Purple-Dark-Eye-Shadow-Makeup-Tutorial bmodish

People are born with various kinds of eye color. People can find blue, hazel, gray, and green eyes among the population of the world. However, people can make sure that most population in the world has brown eyes. It is necessary to consider about eye colors not because people want to be racist. Eye colors should be considered since it will influence the perfect eye makeup which can be applied for making perfect appearance. As for brown eyes, purple eye makeup can be a great choice.

Purple eye shadow will look great on brown eyes but it must be better for people to follow the right way for applying the purple eye shadow.Β Purple eye makeup tutorial will help people to get an incredible look with purple eye shadow and it is started by using eye primer. Next, they should apply brown color along the crease to define it. Pretty fuchsia can be perfect choice of purple shade which people can use and they only need their index finger to apply it. You can apply it on the lid and do not forget to blend it using the fluffy brush.

Last but not least, the darkest color can be applied in the outer half of the crease and outer V of eyes. Check this tutorial further.

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Purple-Dark-Eye-Shadow-Makeup-Tutorial bmodishImage

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