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Having gold stud nail art can really improve your look as well as making it highly excusive and luxurious.  As long as you do it properly, you can look classy and stylish. But when you overdo it, the effect may be too much to the point of cheap and cheesy.

There are some great alternatives to have the gold stud nail art.

  • You can combine gold with red, as the combination will be luxurious and expensive.
  • You can combine gold with black, and come up with this mysterious sexy expensive look.
  • You can have the gold stud being speckled a little over the other colors, so it will have this glittery effect.
  • You can combine gold and black as half-half vertical design that will deliver classy and chic effect
  • You can cover your nails in your favorite colors, and then have a particular finger being filled or decorated in mostly gold.

Of course you also need to keep in mind that gold can make everything look extravagant or too much. It’s best to keep it to the minimum effort so it won’t make you look like overdoing it. Take a look at these nail art we have collected for you.

blue gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

classy evening gold stud nail art bmodish dot comImage via

classy red gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

dreamy star stud nailart bmodishImage via

elegant tape gold studded nailart bmodishImage via

glitzy leopard gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

gold studs naildesign bmodishImage via

golden brocade gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

golden stud nail bmodish dot comImage via

golden studs bmodish dot comImage via

green stud nailart bmodishImage via

Zoya Jacqueline - OPI berlin there done thatImage via

heart leopard print skittlet nailart bmodishImage via

leather and stud nail art bmodishImage via

magenta studs nailart bmodishImage via

mint and gold chevron nailart bmodishImage via

monochrome studded nailart bmodishImage via

opi gold and silver nail art with studs bmodishImage via

peacock ikat and gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

picture-polish-orbit-studded-bmodishImage via

pink mint gold stud leopard nailart bmodishImage via

red gold studded nail art bmodish dot comImage via

red valentine stud nailart bmodishImage via

round studs gradient bmodishImage via

satin black with heart studs nailart bmodishImage via

Scofflaw_This_Must_Be_The_Place_round_gold_studs_IG bmodishImage via

starfish-ed stud nailart bmodishImage via

studded hearts nailart bmodishImage via

studded naildesign bmodishImage via

studs and dried flowers bmodishImage via

subtle gold studs nailart bmodishImage via

tea party nail art bmodish dot comImage via

texture and studs bmodishImage via

turquoise gold stud nailart bmodishImage via

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