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While light pink, hot pink and regular pink nail designs are most popular during the summer, they are also becoming more and more popular throughout the year. Light pink nail designs are very effeminate and the designs are normally more floral and dainty. Hot pink nail designs are normally bolder and more daring. Pink nail designs can have either bold or effeminate designs.

Some designs to think about with hot pink nails are the following:

  • Hot pink polish with black leopard print design- bold, sassy- awesome look
  • Hot pink polish on all nails, but one. Make the one (whichever you’d like), silver sparkled. Subtle, but hot and very fun!
  • Hot pink with a couple nails (whichever you choose) having hot pink and vertical stripes. No one says they all have to be the same anymore!

Some designs to think about with light pink nails are the following:

  • Light pink nails with white x’s and o’s on a few nails for a totally cute and sassy design- love this for Valentine’s day!
  • This one is totally classy and cute as can be- all light pink and one nail on each hand with a tiny white painted heart. So awesome and very pretty!
  • Something that one might wear to a club or with a very expensive dress, or just to look sexy- all light pink with pink holographic glitter every other nail- simply stunning!

Some designs to think about with regular pink nails are the following:

  • The classic fat flower on the thumb- totally cool, bold, and pretty.
  • Regular pink with black French tips. This is a bold but classy look and the colors really accent each other.
  • For a really fun look that will be a point of conversation- regular pink with black Mickey Mouse ears on one finger of each hand.

Take a look of some of our awesome designs and get a feel for what they would look like! Hot new colors, hot new designs, and a little courage to do something different make a hot, new you!

Lace Valentine Pink Nails

lace valentine pink manicure bmodishImage source

Simple One Accent Pink Nail Design

simple pink mani bmodishImage source

Pink and Glitter Nail Design

pink and glitter nails bmodishImage source

Cute Bunny and Chevron Pink Nail Art

pink bunny nail art bmodishImage source

Hot Pink With Black Splatter Nail Art

pink with black splatter nails bmodishImage source

Pink Shark Nail Art

pink shark nail art bmodishImage source

Cute Pink Ice Cream Nail Art

cute pink ice cream nail art bmodishImage source

Pink on Pink Mix Match Nail Art

pink on pink mix and match nail art bmodishImage source

Spring Vintage Pale Pink Nail Art

spring vintage light pink nail art bmodishImage source

Bunny and Polka Dots Pink Mani

pink and burgundy cute bunny nail design bmodishImage source

Polka Dot with Negative Space Nail Art

pink polka dot and negative space nail design bmodishImage source

Cute Giraffe Pink Nail Design

cute giraffe pink nail design bmodishImage source

Pink Hearts Valentine Nail Art

pink cute hearts nail design bmodishImage source

Light Pink Flower Accent Nail Art

pale pink with gold flower accent nail design bmodishImage source

Shabby Chic Polka Dot Nail Art

shabby pink polka dot nail art bmodishImage source

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