blush pink and gold nail art bmodish

After skimming in vain through more and more pages of a website in the hope of finding one suitable nail art that can fully convey your preference, maybe it’s time for you to turn to japanese nail art. Now, a question might be popping up on your mind: “How would a Japanese nail art be different from any other arts I have come upon??

In terms of application, surely there is nothing specific separating japanese nail artfrom others. It’s all about spinning the use of nail polish of many different colors after all. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that one characteristic always appears in any Japanese nail arts: cuteness. The art is so cute you might want to have a seat from being stunned. But that’s beside the point. What matters most is the fact that you’ll get variations of shape and color, which mostly use bright gradation.

One fine example of japanese nail art is a composition in which one of the nails is polished with the polish being shaped into a heart. What makes this look cute is the fact that the heart is punctuated by gold polish so you get the gist: instant cuteness. Digging the look and craving for more? Here are other examples you can try on.

watercolor nail art bmodishImage

 fairy light cute nail art bmodishImage

baby blue cute nail art bmodishImage

blush pink and gold nail art bmodishImage

hokuri_2 bmodish


hokuri 3 bmodishImage

polka dots nail art bmodish


glitter ombre japanese nail art bmodishImage

geometric hokuri nail art bmodishImage

bear and geometric nail art bmodish


minimalis japanese nail design bmodishImage

baby blue glitter nail art bmodishImage

cute flower nails bmodishImage

rectangel nail design bmodishImage

plant green nail art bmodishImage

cat and polka dot nails bmodishImage

orange fruity nail art bmodishImage

green flower nail art bmodishImage

rectangel and stripe nail art bmodishImage

white tree and bird nail art bmodishImage

purple glitter nail art bmodishImage

blue white nail art bmodishImage

printable japanese nail decal bmodishImage

simple polka dot nail art bmodishImage

simple polka dot nail art bmodish2Image

simple polka dot nail art bmodish 3Image

polka dots and bow nail art bmodishImage

rectangle and polka dot nail art bmodishImage

triangle and stripe nail art bmodishImage

simple stud nail bmodishImage