25 Ideas of How to Wear Hair Scarf

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By understanding how to wear hair scarf, you will not only know how to make your hair more attractive with scarf, but also improve your hair’s health and keep it tame. There are actually many benefits of wearing hair scarf. It is a decorative element that enhances the look of your hair, it prevents tangles and hair breakage, it prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle too soon, and it helps you avoid bad hair day by keeping it tamed.

Learning how to wear hair scarf means you need to understand about the right materials for the scarf and various hair scarf styles that you can wear.

Hair Scarf Material to Choose

When it comes to material, hair scarf can be made from any materials, but satin and silk are always the most recommended. You may need to avoid cotton because it tends to become messy, it sticks to your hair and it soaks moisture out of the hair. Satin or silk hair scarf is an excellent choice because satin and silk hold your hair neatly without pulling away moisture or hair treatment product that you use. The soft texture of satin and silk also makes both materials glide easily against your hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair’s getting tangled or sticking to the scarf.

When you have to choose between silk and satin, silk is slightly better than satin scarf for hair. Silk holds moisture better than satin does; however, the difference is very slight and mostly ignorable. Generally speaking, when it comes to scarf, satin and silk are the same.

Stunning Hair Scarf Styles

There is a huge selection of styles that you can choose from when you want to wear hair scarf. Here we will show you 25 great ideas how to wear hair scarf and to make your hair look more beautiful with it.

#1. Beachy Braided Ponytail Hair Scarf

beachy braids with hair scarf
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One great use of hair scarfs is to bind the end of braid, which tends to become loose. Make an attractive knot with your scarf to secure the braid and to make it look better.

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