So, summer is here and you are still in the dark as to what you should wear. What about white tee? First, it’s a tee and then it’s white; obviously you can never go oopsie with this combo. A tee is, like, the most basic form of clothing that doesn’t force you into thinking just about everything. Put it on, mix it with a matching bottom, accessorize and, bam! You’re a hit!

white tee also excels in that it’s practically versatile. White is like the most neutral color there is. This is a big deal, mind you. If you hope to avoid committing summer fashion crime, don’t experiment and venture into the vastness of a world that is colorful scheme. Take a wrong turn and you might go ka-boom! You become a lame excuse for wearing something that doesn’t belong.

Naturally, if you want to spare yourself from the burden that is fashion sin, then go for black bottom to accompany your white tee. A black mini skirt with that kind of tee would never go wrong. A tee of white color combined with a skirt of black-and-white vertical strips is an instant glam.

all white bmodishImage

casual basic tee styleImage

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blue navy blazer with white shirt bmodishImage

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casual white tee bmodishImage

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