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For women, having the right cute high heels for their important daily activities – as well as other events – are very crucial; it is a matter of life and death. For women, shoes are playing important role in their appearance. With the right shoes, they won’t look special at all.

Yes, shoes can come in various designs, styles, and shapes. Even today’s high heels aren’t too ‘serious’ and can look playful and fun. For those wanting to look stylish while adding several inches for their height, the high heels can really be the perfect comforter. Different styles can deliver different effects and outcome. Be sure that you choose the right high heels before you decide to purchase a pair.

Open toe high heels are perfect for those with perfect toe shape. You can even boost the look with the right nail polish. Besides the regular open toe (or peep toe, some may say), you can choose the gladiator form with lots of slits and openings. The forms are different – from the regular high heels with the thick heels to the pointy stiletto. You can also have the heels or the wedges basic – depending on your preference. Some shoes may come with alternative accessories like bow, belt accent, and ankle straps. But be sure that your feet looks good wearing shoes with those accents. Bow accent, for instance, can make your feet look drowned, especially if you have bulky or big feet. Ankle straps, for example, won’t look so good for those with big legs calf. It won’t look good for those with short legs either.

Buying the most expensive shoes doesn’t always guarantee that you will look good and stylish. Be sure to choose the ones suit your figure. After all, choosing the right high heels should compliment your look, not diminishing it.

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