diy embellished shoulders jumper

Dear Ladies, do you have a bunch of out of date sweaters but too pity to throw them away? Then you must go further with your creativity to make your own DIY sweaters. Out of date sweaters do not always mean they are ugly and worn out. Some of us have certain models of sweaters that are still in very good conditions, only it is not the right era to wear them, unless we do not mind to appear clumsy.

Therefore, by DIY sweaters creativity, the old sweaters can be recycled into more fashionable warm wearing. This can be done as the preparation to face fall and winter, rather than spending much more money to buy new sweaters that can be many times more expensive than remodel the old sweaters. Moreover, you can design your sweaters with any models or decorations you like.

The following are some ideas you can have a try:

  • You may add some words on your old sweaters
  • Simply add some polka dots that will make them chic
  • Some artificial mini flowers in various shapes and colors will be just perfect for you who love to appear girly.

DIY sweaters can be the solution for you to save more costs for purchasing new stuffs. Below are the other ideas for you to create your own.

DIY Glitter Elbow Patch Sweater

diy elbow patch glitter bmodishImage

DIY Pom Pom Sweater

diy pom pom sweater bmodishImage

DIY Celine Inspired Faux Sleeve Tie Wrap Sweater

DIY Celine Inspired Faux Sleeve Tie Wrap Sweater bmodishImage

DIY Mix and Match Sweater

diy mix and match sweater bmodishTutorial

DIY Versace Inspired Big Pin Back Sweater

DIY-Versace-Inspired-Big-Pin-Back-Sweater-full bmodishTutorial

DIY Lace Up Sleeve Ribbon Embellish Sweater

diy lace up ribbon embellish sweater via bmodishTutorial

DIY Β Mandala Embellished Sweater

DIY Mandala Embellished Holiday Sweater Refashion via bmodishTutorial

DIY Joe Fresh Jeweled Sweater

DIY Joe Fresh Jeweled Sweater Tutorial via bmodishImage

DIY Knit Sweater Polka Dots

diy knit sweater polka dots via bmodishTutorial

DIY Animal Print Sweater

animal print cheetah leopard sweater diy via bmodishTutorial

DIY Open Back Sweater

DIY open back sweater-via bmodishTutorial

DIY Studded Sweater

Studded-Sweater diy via bmodishTutorial

DIY Statement Jumper/Sweater

diy bejeweled statement jumperTutorial

DIY Sequined Sweater

diy sequined sweater via bmodishTutorial

DIY Fringed Knit Sweater

DIY FRINGED KNIT via bmodishTutorial

DIY Embroidered Sweater

embroidered sweater diy via bmodishSource

DIY Crochet Lace Knit Sweater

crochet lace knit sweater diy tutorial via bmodishSource

DIY Embellished Shoulder Sweater

embellished shoulders sweater diy via bmodishImage