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Ladies…New Year is few days away; have you decided a fashion style you will use to welcome the new days? If you want something different, the collections of New Years outfits below may be a good source of inspiration for you. During the New Year Eve, make sure to wear something that will make you standout. Have you every imagined of wearing outfits with glittery touches? Below are some interesting ideas.

New Years Outfits: The Tops

Top outfits are usually the focal attraction of your fashion style. You can accentuate your look by wearing a crop leather jacket with glittery touch. Combine it with a thigh-length dress, a legging or skinny jeans, and high-heel boots. This is a perfect combination for Fall-Winter fashion style.

An alternative is a simple blouse with glittery long sleeves, combined with chino pants in different color. This will bring you to vintage beauty of the 1920s. A pair of high heels and sling bag will become perfect matches for your New Years outfits.

New Years Outfits: The Bottoms

Wearing outfits with glittery bottoms may not be your cup of tee. However, the ideas below may inspire you. Give a different touch to your fall-winter style by wearing glittery leggings. Combine them with a plain shirt, layered with a faux fur jackets. Or, combine a glittery skinny skirt or A-line skirt with a soft-toned blouse to create an office look.

Those are some ideas to wear New Years outfits with glittery touch. You will find more ideas on how to mix and match them with other pieces of clothing below. Don’t miss them ladies…

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red sequin dress new years eve outfit idea bmodishImage

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