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Trench coats are loved by many women, especially during the colder months such as winter. The beautiful pieces can however still be enjoyed even during summer and spring months. The difference comes in with the way the trench coat is worn to match with the weather. They can for instance be worn over a gown or draped over the shoulders to pull off a cool relaxing outfit look. The trench coat can also be worn as a dress on its own to get mileage with only one piece. When worn on its own, you can be sure not to overheat and still look fabulous.

Other amazing ways how to wear a trench coat thatΒ can be pulled off during the summer and spring include wearing over a beautiful short, a mini skirt, short flowery dress and skinny jeans or over leggings that fit just right. The coat can also be layered over another jacket for a more comfortable warm look. The trench coats come in a variety of colors. The most suitable colors for summer and spring include soft pink, lemon and baby blue. The colors will fit well with this amazing time of the years when a lot of fun can be enjoyed from any given setting. When you choose the colorful coats, you should go easy on the rest of the outfit and accessories.

Dark colored trench coats are equally amazing. They will give you an edgy look especially with the blacks and the navy blues.

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