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Hi Ladies… It is always exciting to start the fall winter fashion after the transformation from the warmer season fashion. Be ready to take out all of your sweaters, coats, jackets, boots, scarves, and the other cold season wear. It is important to keep the warmth during fall and winter, especially when you have to go out. However, do not forget to stay fashionable with the thick loose-fitting apparels that often appear during the season. If you are bored with the usual sweaters and coats, try the military style jacket. The military inspired trend has frequently emerged in many seasons in the past. The firm nuance of the jacket does not prevent you from being chic.

How to Wear Military Style Jacket

It is not hard to show your fashion with this kind of jacket. You might want to try these combinations:

  • Get the punk rock style. This style is for you who love the street style. A combination of skinny jeans with the military jacket, and riding boots or sneakers will make a rocking street look.
  • Contrast the dull look of the military jacket with burgundy. The burgundy touch may come from burgundy leather tight pants or burgundy sweater inside the jacket. This contrast appears surprisingly pretty.
  • Never miss skinny pants. Military style jacket usually comes in larger size, and it is not the type of the fitted to body apparel. Therefore, one of the perfect matches for it is skinny pants, which can be from leather, jeans, or thick legging.
  • Be confident to show your femininity in the trend derived from men fashion. The masculine cut of the military jacket is not an obstacle to appear chic and girly. Put on your little black dress, and cover it with the military jacket at the top. Do not forget to add a scarf around your neck and black leather boots. The result is so stylish.

The military style jacketΒ is a unique inspiration for the fall winter fashion. With some mix and match, the manly jacket will be one of the attractive pieces in the cold season. Check our pick up below and get inspired!

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