emerald cat eye liner tutorial bmodish

Ladies…what comes to your mind when looking at the cat’s eyes? It is glowing and a little bit mysterious; isn’t it? If you want to give a different touch to your eyes when attending a certain event, you will need cat eye makeup tutorial.

Cat Eye Make Up for Glowing EyesΒ 

Cat eye or feline eye has been around for many years. It is a popular way to make your eyes look glow and very flattering. In addition, cat eye style is perfect for almost every eye shape and simple to make using a black eye liner.

Actually, the keys to creating cat eye look are using eyeliner to elongate the eyes and making them look like those of cats. This way, you create an instant eyelift while adding intensity. The following pictures of cat eye makeup tutorial will really help in achieving perfect cat eye look. They provide detailed steps on how to draw your eyes. Just don’t miss them out!

wild cat sephora eye makeup tutorial bmodishImage

the perfect flick cat eye tutorial bmodishImage

classic cat eye makeup tutorial bmodishImage

Beautysets_cat eye tutorial bmodishImage

holiday glam cat eye makeup tutorial bmodishImage

enchanting-gold-and cat eye makeup-tutorialImage

The Dotted Cat Eye tutorial bmodishImage

color cat eye tutorial bmodishImage

bronze babe cat eyes tutorial bmodishImage


purple-cat-eye_tutorial bmodishImage

emerald cat eye liner tutorial bmodishImage

twist on classic cat eye tutorial bmodishImage

glitter cat eye tutorial bmodishImage

parallel lines cat eye tutorial bmodishImage