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Printed pants can really make you look different, in stylish way. Although such pants can make you look different and unique, there is some basic guidance that you need to aware so your style won’t be too much.

Printed pants can look great when paired up with simple or plain tops. For instance, you can pair the pants with white or ivory sleeveless top or black ruffled blouse. Be sure that the tops don’t come with colorful patterns, or the combination won’t mix and blend nicely. You can also pair up the printed pants with cropped T-shirt or cropped sweater. It will look stylish in very simple manner.

Some pants may come in legging or pencil style, while others may be coming in wide leg model or track pants. Be sure that your proportion and body shape suit the type of pants you like. If you are really skinny, go for the wide leg. But if you are rather heavy and curvy, go with the pencil one.

You can also wear the pants with top and outerwear, but be sure that all of them are plain in patterns. You can combine cape-like tops with printed pants. Or you can combine plain shirt and plain cardigan with the pants.

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