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It’s summer, and believe it or not, the color blocking outfit style is back again! This style was quite popular back then in the 80s and it is now back again – of course with better trends and bolder colors. If you want to choose the right style, be sure to know about this kind of style beforehand.

As the name suggest, color blocking is basically use different colors within one clothes or outfits in blocks. No, we are not talking about some kind of toddler’s toy; it is a new fashion trend where the combination of different colors will deliver this shocking, fresh, and edgy look – stylishly and fashionably, of course. And the great thing about this style is the fact that you don’t need to choose matching colors. You are free to choose contrast colors that are generally not combined together to create bolder and more shocking effect.

Generally, such color blocking style can be achieved when you have a top or skirt – or pants – that have different colors on it. But if you don’t have it and yet you want to have such color blocking effect, you can always mix and match your entire outfit, the result will be the same color blocking that you want. For instance, you can go with bright yellow top that is combined with lime green blazer or crop top. To make everything complete, pair it up with purple pants. That would certainly make you stand out in the crowd and be noticeable.

If you want to go with this style, keep in mind that your outfit is daring and bold enough, so be sure to wear simple accessories – if you want to wear one. Use silver bracelets or wristwatch, or white gold necklace will make you look classy – not cheap. Have fun with it.

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