Ripped Jeans Outfit – Ripped to the Core!

A few decades ago, the American hip culture and laid back attitude gave way to advent of the jeans trend.
The whole world went crazy and jeans could be seen everywhere. Then one day, an American kid in Texas took up a pair of scissors and ripped up his mother’s jeans. The poor woman, unaware of her kid’s mischief, strolled out onto the street. Only to be surprised by all the admiration and appreciation her legs had begun to garner. And that ladies, is how the ripped jeans trend started off!

Well, we sheepishly admit that the story is not true. However, the fact that ripped jeans attract attention and admiration is not false at all. Jeans are the most important part of our lives, and when they are nicely ripped, they can add glamour to the bluest of Mondays.

You want to spice up an ordinary tank top? Or perhaps, make an attempt at looking good on a bad hair day? Well, here’s your special trick. Whether you’re hitting the mall, grabbing lunch or attending a fashion show, ripped jeans are the look de jour. You simply cannot go wrong with these!

Here are some fun and exciting ripped jeans outfit ideas, take a look what to wear with ripped jeans:

· Bring out the Peasant tops

Peasant tops with deep boat necks and above the navel lengths are ideal to pair up with ripped jeans. Trust me, if you want to show a little skin, perhaps your belly button instead of your legs, pair up a peasant top with your favourite ripped skinny jeans. It will give your outfit a romantic and soft look, along with nailing the whole ragged appeal game.

You can explore pastels and other soft shades in peasant tops, and you can also nail the off-the-shoulder trend in this outfit. Peasant tops are great for showing off some skin on the shoulders, arms and the navel, and when paired with ripped jeans, the effect is chic yet softly feminine.

ripped skinny jeans with off shoulder top bmodishImage source

black ripped jeans with floral blouse bmodish

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lace top with ripped jeans summer outfit bmodishImage source

summer dress with ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

· T-Shirts or Oversized Sweaters are Fun

Aren’t they just? And when paired with ripped jeans, denims or others, the overall effect is the epitome of contemporary casual luxe. We have to tell you, this is one denim trend that is never going out of style because its comfort appeal is massive.

On the days you just feel like throwing on a huge, enormous T-shirt and hiding underneath it. Treat your legs to ripped jeans, and let the combination work wonders to your style statement!

casual monday ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

knotted t shirt with ripped jeans casual summer outfit bmodishImage source

striped tee with ripped jeans casual outfit bmodishImage source

cozy knit sweater weather with ripped jeans bmodishImage source

Faux-Fur-Snood overiszed knit sweater with ripped jeans bmodishImage source

· Blazers and rips work the formals

Have you been dying to flaunt ripped jeans in the office? Well, unless you don’t happen to work at a bank or a stock brokerage firm, we don’t see why you shouldn’t fulfil your wish. And besides, if you pair up your outfit sensibly, you can tone down the ripped jeans and give them a formal appeal. How? All you have to do is put on a nice, sharply cut blaze; underneath it, you can don a sleeveless blouse and voila! Your ripped jeans are ready to go to work!

blue cape blazer with ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

tunic blouse with high waisted ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

Be sure you keep the outfit in monotones. Denims work with most colours, so you can make the colours bright or soft, but do not contrast the top and the blazer. We don’t want to walk in to work looking like a rainbow in ripped jeans now, do we?

Here are another outfits with ripped jeans just for you, ladies!

boyfriend ripped jeans casual outfit bmodishImage source

casual summer ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

Casual-Look pink cardigan ripped jeans outfit bmodishImage source

cropped ripped skinny jeans outfit bmodishImage source

military jacket with ripped jeans casual outfit bmodishImage source

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