French Manicure secrets!

French manicure is very popular among women around the world. It is because this manicure is very universal and can be had by everyone.  The classic manicure usually has light pink or nude base coat and the fingernails will be painted bright white. Today a lot of women like to have something glamour to their French manicure and this also add with certain designs to their nails. This manicure is usually done in salon. Why? It is because salons have all the equipment and also the talents to create some amazing designs.

french manicure

One of the most popular methods of French manicure is by using airbrush machine. This method will make your nail smoother and this machine can also create amazing designs. To have classic look and also popular look at the same time, you can add colors to your manicure. You can also have some finger nail designs, such as Christmas tree for the winter, pumpkins for the fall or heart for Valentine’s Day. You can have some other designs such as flowers, palm trees or your name’s initials. To get real glamour designs for this manicure, some people like to apply some tiny germs or stones. They will give “sparkle” on your manicure. These germs and stones can be applied singly or they can be used with painted design to get the design that they like to have.

Is That Impossible To Do French Manicure at Home?

Nothing is impossible to do today. Everything can be done or had as long as you know how to do it, just like French manicure. There is nothing impossible for this manicure also. You can have this manicure at home for sure. These are some steps that you have to follow to get best result for your manicure at home.

french manicure

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