Embracing Color and Pattern Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Marigold-and-Blue-Mikado-Silk-Lonni-Sandal bmodish

Peter Copping was given a full six months to absorb the iconic aesthetic of de la Renta. As the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016 collection was revealed, it was quite apparent that Copping dually accomplished his goal with his third (counting April’s bridal line) collection for the fashion house. This latest collection showcased an impeccable fusion of past with the present. Additionally, it was very clear that Copping wanted to reconnoiter a new sandal shape as well as infuse brilliant color wherever possible. The collection did just that, especially with the strappy heavier heel mule styles; several of which pooled materials and patterns of the collection with clash and mix poise.

There are shoes within the collection that utilize thin strapping that extends from the backbone of the heel towards the ankle, creating an expressly fluid line. This rendering established a fresh, nubile take on the popular strappy sandal while adding the playful yet dramatic flair that has long been associated with the de la Renta lines.

The Resort line also introduced the world to a new chunkier, less dainty heel. The pretty and quite sexy offerings have the ability to appeal to all as the heftier heel is moderated with daintier straps. The shoes within the collection are simple yet clean with heels delivering a touch of big bijoux while enclosed in gold cladding. Nothing that graced the collection presented as gaudy, as each piece is able to compliment accents of dresses as well as jewelry. This is a collection that will truly tie together any look while leaving a memorable impression on all that lay eyes on them.

Moreover, the 2016 Peter Copping directed de la Renta Resort Shoe collection is wrapped with unabashedly exquisite sandals. This is a collection that every fashionista should have her eye on and a piece within her wardrobe.

Oscar de la Renta Marigold and Blue Mikado Silk Lonni Sandal

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Marigold-and-Blue-Mikado-Silk-Lonni-Sandal bmodish


Oscar de la Renta Lonni Sandal in Marine Mikado Silk and Patent Leather

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Lonni-Sandal-in-Marine-Mikado-Silk-and-Patent-Leather bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Bisque Suede Linzi Pump

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Bisque-Suede-Linzi-Pump bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Elaphe Lilia in Magenta and Marigold

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Elaphe-Lilia-in-Magenta-and-Marigold bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Elaphe and Patent Leather Lexina Sandal

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Elaphe-Patent-Leather-Lexina-Sandal bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Marine Blue Satin Lemmy Sandal with Crystals

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Marine-Blue-Satin-Lemmy-Sandal-with-Crystals bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Carnation Pink Silk Juju Flats

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Carnation-Pink-Silk-Juju-Flats bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Neutral and Black Jeralina Sandal

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Neutral-and-Black-Suede-Jeralina-Sandals bmodish

Oscar de la Renta Bisque Elaphe Nanse Heel

Oscar de la Renta Bisque Elaphe Nanse Heel bmodish

Oscar de la Renta shoes bmodish

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