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beautiful makeup for wedding bmodish

10 Beautiful Wedding Day Makeup Ideas

Wedding for every woman in the world surely becomes very important moment in their life. They are dreaming of the best wedding ceremony and reception which should only be once in their life. There...
negative space chrome nails bmodish

Fabulous Mirror Nail Designs That Will Glam Up Your Nails

The recent must have nail designs to rock the nail fashion world are the renowned chrome manicure that are also called mirror nails. This fabulous mirror gleaming appearance can be accomplished utilizing different strategies,...
braid into fishtail combo braid hairstyle bmodish

13 Combo Cool Braided Hairstyles You Will Love

Ladies… Do you have long hair, which tends to curl? Maintaining straight hair may be a little bit difficult. Meanwhile, curl will make your hair look shorter. If you want to look feminine in...
red plaid and reinders holiday short nail art bmodish

30 Totally Cute Christmas Designs For Short Nails

Are you a short nail person? Whether you chew your fingernails to the nub or cut them short because you need to type for work- you can still decorate your short nails with a...
girl-with-twisted-braid-hair bmodish

Girly and Chic Braids For Long Hair Ideas

There are basically different types of braids for long hair that can be done on your own. Braided hair can make you look neat and chic, and with different styling, you can be sure...
pink i love paris nailart bmodish

Cute I love Paris Nail Art Collections

Nail art is not just coating your nails with color. But now you can give more expression with a variety of themes that can decorate your tiny nails, in this post bmodish shares to...