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red plaid and reinders holiday short nail art bmodish

30 Totally Cute Christmas Designs For Short Nails

Are you a short nail person? Whether you chew your fingernails to the nub or cut them short because you need to type for work- you can still decorate your short nails with a...
christmas toe nail design

27 Holiday Fun Designs for Christmas Toe Nails!

Need some ideas to paint your toenails for the holiday season? Looking for some cute Christmas toe nail designs so when you take off your UGGS or your boots, you are actually showing off...
gimme java brown coffee cute nail art bmodish

30 Crispy and Fun Brown Nail Designs

It's autumn, and it's the one time where the color brown simply shines! Every tone is brown, beige, orange as the leaves change colors and the chilly air moves in. It's the most wonderful...
sideway ruffian nail art

Nail Your Way to the Perfect Ruffian Manicure

Hello fashion trendsetters! Β Would you not agree that an outfit is just not complete, without that perfect manicure? A few season's back the ever so popular moon manicure was a big trend. Well this...
tropical summer toenail design ideas

28 Wonderful Toenail Designs For This Summer

As the sun gets scorching, it is the best time of the year to try some great summer fashion. While adorning yourself in the best outfits for the summer, don’t forget to make your...
4th of july nail designs

23 Fun Ideas for Patriotic 4th of July Nails

Is there really a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than by displaying your patriotism through nail art? After all, this is a holiday that is widely known for red, white and...