20 Simple Ways of How to Style Blouse With Skirt

Hello Ladies, here we are again with how to style blouse with skirt. Most people think that pairing up those outfits are very easy, but they can be quite tricky and difficult, if you can’t really matched them well.

One of the simplest and yet stylish way to pair up the styles are combining cropped t shirt with pencil skirt. You can choose patterned or colorful pencil skirt, but remember to keep the cropped shirt plain and one color only. You can pair it up with ankle boots to deliver edgy effect, and achieve style at the same time.

There are also other alternatives to try, such as:

  • You can combine ruffled sleeveless top with A-line skirt with belts. Top it off with heeds or ankle boots and you can look chic in such effortless manner.
  • Wearing clean white shirt with long pencil skirt can make you look fashionable and professional. If you choose gray, brown, or black skirt, you can make yourself look elegant.
  • You can pair up a tank top with knee length cowboy skirt. Top it off with outerwear like cardigan or jacket, and wear boots to achieve rebellious and carefree effect.

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