18 Inspirations How to Wear a Turtleneck Stylishly

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Hi Fashionista! Do you still remember how Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, or Marilyn Monroe look unforgettably elegant in very modest pieces of turtleneck? Even those images still live until today. Yes, they had been successful in bringing turtleneck to be in trend not only in their times, but they still become the inspirations of many people until today. Turtleneck is somehow very simple apparel that needs special treatment so that they can be an interesting part in our fashion. Knowing how to wear a turtleneck stylishly can be a solution for you who have piled the turtlenecks in the storage.

How to Wear A Turtleneck In Stylish Ways

Turtleneck is usually useful for the cold season of fall and winter. Despite some of the cuts that look old and saggy, the apparel provides warmth. Therefore, avoiding them is not a good way because with the right taste and match, they can make your outfit even more stylish. These are some ideas of how to wear a turtleneck:

  • What can we do with an oversized turtleneck sweater with short sleeves? Ouch, it may look like a grandma wear. However, with some update touches, this piece will appear amazingly far from the out of date fashion. Try to wear it with a skinny pants combined with above the knee boots and leather gloves. You will be gorgeous and far from the grandma look.
  • Skirt can be a good companion for a turtleneck, whether it is a large turtleneck or the fitted one. You can go chic by pairing them with high heels and clutch. Alternatively, you prefer the street style by combining them with hat and boots.
  • Coat is another right choice to go with a turtleneck. Grab leather pants and your boots. There you go; you’re ready for any outdoor activities in the cold weather.

It is very interesting exploring other ways of how to wear a turtleneck. The warm apparel will be a new favorite in the winter days.

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